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Overview of what you can expect

  • Step 1  |  Marketing - How to sell your services
  • Step 2  |  Promoting - Schedule and promote portraits
  • Step 3  |  Portrait Day - Ways to photograph pictures
  • Step 4  |  Sales - How to sell your pictures
  • Step 5  |  Process Orders - Drop Shipping & Photo Labs
  • Step 6  |  Customer Service - How to please the customer

  • Who Created this Guide?

    Hey There!
    I'm Aaron Jetelina

    Just your typical photographer who started a portrait photography business. I went from being scattered to focused, with ONE service (Dance Photography). I've been able to earn over $100,000 photographing ONLY dance studio portraits 2 months out of the year, EVERY year

    I help photographers  grow their business, whether full time or as a side hustle. The great part about all this is you don't have to be some sort of guru photographer or have any dance experience to do this, I mean I didn't...

    Here Are a Few Reasons WHY you Should Photograph Dance Studio Portraits

    This is not an all year-round kind of service. Which is good. If you can have a massive return and only do this in a short amount of time, why do it all year round. This allows you to have more free time to focus on what you want to do the rest of the year.

    Loyalty and Consistent:
    Because you are working with ONE person (dance studio owner) that gets you access to 100's or 1000's of customers, you will find yourself with consistent business year after year. Oh and did I mention as long as you provide a VALUED service they are crazy loyal.

    Alright so think about it…. You’re working with A LOT of parents. You have built trust and have proven to them you are a professional photographer. NOW what do you do with this…. Promote other services you offer: family portraits, newborn, seniors, etc. Gain more customers that will allow you to GROW your business.

    High Margins:

    Ok so let’s take a moment and put yourself in a parent’s shoes…. If you had a child in a really CUTE costume, it would be hard to NOT buy pictures. Right? I have found this service practically sells itself and when you compare to other types of services the margins are ridiculously amazing.

    Now I'm Going to Show You How to Do it!

    The FREE 6 step guide will be sent to the
    e-mail address you submit below: