Dance Studio Portraits
Master Class

The Formula for making money photographing dance studio portraits, only 2 months out of the year, EVERY year! Without having any prior dance experience.

You probably never thought of photographing dance studio portraits.  

OR, you have, and just feel overwhelmed.  

This one strategy I’m about to show you might be the key to helping you grow your photography business 90% faster…. So you can have more control over your business, have more free time, and generate more income.  

Here’s what I think the coolest part is though…  

You don’t have to be a photography guru or have years of dance experience.  

All I ask is that you suspend your disbelief, hear what I have to say, and then try out this step-by-step plan yourself…so you can build your own successful business. 

Maybe some of these feelings
will resonate with you….

Overwhelmed about making the correct next steps
Marketing, Sales Funnels, Order Forms, Posing, Equipment, selling, etc. What’s the right next step? If you’ve been a photographer for more than a moment, you know it can be a bit frustrating trying to figure out what direction you should go in. 

Spending a lot of time working for little money
If you’re a little more seasoned photographer, this can be a very real feeling. You just don’t understand why some photographers can make so much while you hustle your butt off and hardly make anything. You constantly feel like they know something you don’t  

Losing your motivation
You know you are a smart person and a great photographer, but some of the doubts are starting to creep in. “Will I ever make this work?” or “Are the people who make it just lucky?”  

Sick of jumping from one photography gig to the next
Whether you are a part time or full time photographer, we all know that it’s hard to turn down an opportunity. You just never know when the next gig will fall in your lap. You have to take on everything, even if you don’t want to, in order to keep things running.  

If you’re feeling ANY of these, you are in the right place, my friend

It might sound insane, but I started in the exact same seat you are sitting in now.


Hi, I'm Aaron, and my mentor Doug introduced me into the dance photography world, and never thought of this service or if it would turn into anything.  

I was just your average photographer offering a variety of services (weddings, family portraits, new borns, and everything else in between.......) I was no closer to the goal of earning a sustainable living, from my passion in photography, as when I first started my business.  

You are probably feeling like there’s some sort of ceiling preventing you from earning serious money as a photographer.  

I get it  

As a photographer, there are two problems you face when trying to scale your business and what you do.  

Ironically, they have very little to do with overall experience you have or quality of your images and much more to do with your mindset and following a process.  

I’d like to PERSONALLY help you, but more on that in a minute  

I went from $1000 to making over $30,000 photographing dance studios... just 2 months during the spring

And now I make over $100,000 just photographing dance studio portraits


The unfortunate reality is that owning a photography business is a hard game.

Many photographers will quit and take themselves out of the game after years of hard work without making the kind of money they thought they could.

I see it all the time… and it breaks my heart because I know how incredible this business model can be.

What I’m about to tell you about my success is NOT a guarantee that you’ll become an overnight success… or that you’ll also get on the path to where you’re knocking on the door of earning a million dollars from your business… and I’m definitely not making any income claim promises or anything like that.

A majority of people won’t even finish reading this page… let alone try out the step-by-step plan I’m going to lay out for you.

That’s just the way it is.

But if you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level… then this is definitely going to be one of the most important message you’ve ever read.  

From my first year as a dance studio photographer, to where I am now, I was able to progress into this….  

This is a snapshot from 2019, where I made $125,359.36 just photographing dance portraits in 2 months.

I know that might be frustrating for some of you to hear if you’ve been a photographer for a few years and are still trying to get a good foundation, but hear me out..  

Photographing dance studio portraits puts you in front of a lot of people that want pictures of their child in a cute outfit, while paying good money for your services.  

Plus, more importantly than making money is what the money has done for me and the experiences it has allowed me to have.

I've been able to spend more time with my family and have more time freedom. 

But again, I need to emphasize to you that I am standing exactly in your shoes not very long ago…  

This is not a service that only a select few photographers can do.  

I’m not some world famous photographer, charge thousands of dollars for my services, or even have a dance background.  

And to tell you the truth, it has ONLY been me. I don't have some massive crew or staff going out and doing all this. You can do it SOLO!

I do it every year.

When I first started photographing dance studio portraits, I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I knew was that it would be worth trying.

I could see potential but just didn’t know how to put all the pieces together. Whatever I decided to do, I wanted to make sure I didn’t have to rely on a huge staff to make it work. Efficiency is the key to scalability and being able to do it solo would allow me to not rely on other people for my success.

Yes, don’t get me wrong, having a lot of trained staff will help with the process but I want you to understand you DON’T have to have anyone but yourself.

Just like any skill is learnable, it takes practice and implementing a strategy. That is what I want to teach you, so you can learn from my mistakes and speed up the learning process.

You can have all this and more with the system that we have created...

But before I show you the course, let’s look at the common mistakes you are probably making (I know, because I’ve made them all) 

6 Common Mistakes you are probably making as a photographer


 1. You don’t know how to price your services based on value. Having value-based pricing is soooo important. I am not a sales person but because my prices and packages are focused on value, my pictures practically sale themselves.  

2. You don’t understand your competitive advantage and how to market yourself Do you know what makes you stand out from the crowd? Now don’t tell me it’s because of your prices or quality. This can be an advantage but is not how you should sell yourself.  

3. You don’t narrow down the services you offer. This is HUGE. The moment I stopped trying to offer every photography service out there and focused on a few, my business changed drastically. I was able to focus my attention and become the best at those specific services and skills..  

4. You don’t believe you’re good enough Hahahahah, no, Let’s get this out of the way. You are absolutely awesome just the way you are. Being a successful photographer is something you can and will accomplish. Don’t ever let those doubts drown out your dreams.  

5. You think photographing a lot of people sounds scary It’s not. It just sounds scary when you haven’t done it yet. After photographing 20+ dance studios over the years, I know the exact formula for making sure it’s successful every time.  

6. You don’t have proper guidance Photographing dance studio portraits is not like photographing schools, sport leagues, family portraits or anything else. There are a lot of elements that are unique for that type of photography. The key is understanding how everything works, A-Z.  

Take a second to imagine a world where you could…

Make thousands of dollars providing a service that is valued 

Any time you are able to capture a moment in a child’s life for them to remember, you have just added value. People will happily pay you for this service.  

Have ultimate confidence around the products you sell

It’s easy to sell products you love. You may not consider yourself a salesperson, but there’s no need when you are simply providing a service that people want and value. 

Grow your business faster

Working with dance studios puts you in front of a lot of people. When people love your work they want to use other services you offer. Think of all the other opportunities you have to grow your business.

Have consistent business every year

The beauty with working with dance studios is once you have established a relationship you don’t have to resell your services again to the studio. They will WANT you to come back every year. You can count on consistent business year after year.  

My life has done a complete 180 from those long days of hustling from one photography gig to the next, just trying to make ends meet. 

  • I get to wake up every day knowing that my business can generate consistent income year after year in just a short amount of time.  
  • I work on what I want to when I want to, the rest of the year 
  • I’m able to spend more time with family and friends.

There are a lot of photographers out there frustrated and searching for the process that will take their business to the next level.  

This is how you do it. Our course is a step-by-step walkthrough of how I make an incredible income photographing dance studio portraits. Whether a full-time income or as a side hustle.  

It’s not an all year work your butt off kind of business, which is what I wanted, very targeted.  


Dance Studio Portraits Master Class

The formula for making money photographing dance studio portraits 2 months out of the year, EVERY year. 

Photographing dance studio portraits has 6 phases which are broken down into modules. Let's take a look inside to see what you will learn. 


Module 1:  Marketing

We will show you the entire process of creating a sales funnel and marketing to dance studios. You will learn how to stand out from your competition, research your target market, build a marketing strategy that works, and learn what questions to ask and responses to give in order to win over a dance studio.


Module 2 - Schedule and Promote Portraits.

Did you know this is one of the most critical steps that is looked over my most photographers? Understanding the best day to photograph dance portraits can make a huge difference on your attendance and sales. You’ll learn the best strategy for scheduling and how to promote portrait day to the parents.


Module 3: Portrait Day

This is the big day! Everything you’ve done thus far has led to portrait day. This is where the magic happens. You’ll learn what background to use, lighting / camera setup, where and how to setup, and basic poses for dance pictures. We show you a step-by-step process on photographing dance portraits.


Module 4 - Sales

One of the biggest difference between a photographer making thousands of dollars to a photographer making $0, is SALES. You can be the best photographer out there but if you don’t understand the sales process you will fail miserably. You’ll learn 5 different ways to sell your pictures, and how to create value based pricing and incentives.


Module 5: Process Orders

Now that the pictures are taken and sales are in, you need to fulfill all the photo orders. We show you a step-by-step process on how we fulfill our portrait orders. Everything from batch editing with lightroom, what photo labs to use, drop shipping to the customer, eCommerce, and staying organized. 


Module 6 - Customer Service

Most photographers will tell you the importance of customer service. It’s true. This is a make or break part of business. We show you the exact policies you should have in place, how to deal with customers, what to do about complaints with orders, and the importance of a strong relationship with the dance studio owner. 


There is 5 hrs of content with over 60 lessons. 

Each video is short and we did that on purpose.  

We didn’t want to bog you down with dozens of hours of videos.  

Each video is to-the-point and explains each process. We even give you assignments to help you start taking ACTION 

You can obviously go through this course at your own pace… but I think you’ll be surprised at how fast things start happening as soon as you start implementing what we teach you.  


When Doug and I were figuring out how much we should sell this course for, we had a really hard time.  

After all… this is the exact system I use to earn over $100,000 only 2 months out of the year (and my business is still growing)  

I’ve used this system to build a thriving side hustle that I run in the spring, when I’m not working on other photography projects or spending time with my family.  

So at first, we thought selling this course for $1,000 was perfectly reasonable.  

Your very first client would pay for the course… 

I mean... The smallest dance studio I work with, I make over $2000 and I'm only photographing fewer than 50 dancers. Some dance studios I earn in upwards of $10,000+

You could earn an extra $2,000 or $50,000 or even more.... and that’s just working on this side hustle in your spare time during the spring.  

Also… we have never seen a course that teaches dance studio portraits at this level, AT ALL

Theres fragmented information or ebooks giving you a general understanding, but nothing that gives you a process to follow with actionable steps and details.

Doug and I both love to teach other photographers our passion, and see them succeed as well.

So, while even at $1k, this course is well worth the investment…  

I knew that shelling out more than $1,000 for anything… even a course like this, might cause some friction, stress and anxiety.  

So… I decided to drop the price and make this a completely no-brainer decision.  

When you enroll in the Dance Studio Portraits Master Class today… you’re not going to have to pay $1,000.  

You’re not even going to pay half that, at $500.  

Get Started Now!​​

Think about it...

If you just photographed ONE dance studio you could earn 10x what you paid for.

And on top of that....

Someone told us you like bonuses!!!

Well okay, EVERYONE likes bonuses. So not only are you going to get those incredible modules, but you’re also going to get….

Bonus #1

Tutorial & Strategy for Instant Viewing Stations
($297 Value)  

Allowing customers to view their images directly after portraits, has countless benefits. I walk you through the software I use, how to setup, and where to find budget friendly equipment. This can be a game changer for your business and this ALONE is well worth the course. 

Bonus #2

Ninja Marketing Templates

($97 Value)  

Creating marketing material can be a pain in the butt. That’s why we have given you the exact same marketing materials we use to save you time and headaches. You’ll get all the e-mail templates, facebook ads, signup sheets, flyers, and order forms. Everything to market your services to the dance studio and to promote portrait day to the parents.

Bonus #3

Life time Access and Updates

As we all know, the world of photography is changing constantly. I will let you in on a little secret…. Dance Photography has not changed that much over the years except for technology and what products people want (ie: Digital images). But as things do change we will update the course as needed and help you overcome any unforeseen hurdles that may arise.

Who is this course for?

Intermediate to advanced photographers  

This course is not suitable for brand new photographers. This course teaches a process specifically for photographing dance studio portraits and making money and doesn't go into depth with the basics of photography. I will also note I am not some guru photographer that will teach you portrait techniques that will land your images on the cover of "Best Photographer" magazine out there. It should be your goal to improve your photography skills and make it unique for you. I will though, give you actionable step-by-step instructions on the process I use that has made me successful.

Full time or part time photographers.  

If you’re a full time or part time photographer who is looking for another revenue stream or service to offer, then this is for you. You have to remember that I only photograph dance studios 2 months out of the year in the spring and this is NOT every day during those two months. Most pictures are taken on weekends or in the evenings. You don’t have to be a full time photographer to benefit from photographing dance studio portraits.  

Those interested in making money photographing dance studio portraits.  

Now this may seem obvious but if you’re a photographer that likes taking pictures for fun and are not looking to gain any monetary value for your services, then this might not be the right fit.  

Or  if you just have zero interest in photographing dance portraits. The course is definitely weighted toward the mindset of earning an income and the strategy behind dance portraits.  

Busy people! I know many of you are either full time photographers or are looking for a side hustle, so I do my best to break down everything in as simple of a manner as possible. There is a ton of content in the course (there’s no way around it) but I include only what is absolutely needed and left out the fluff.  

Who is this course NOT for?

People looking to get rich quick.   

You won’t buy this course and wake up retired sitting on a beach. If that’s your expectation or desire, this course is not for you. It takes time to be successful as a photographer, especially photographing dance studios, and this is designed to cut down that time drastically for you! I'm not going to lie, this TAKES work, but as long as you understand the system we teach, you just repeat until you get the results you want. 

Anyone who is brand new to Photography  

If you're new to photography and just purchased your first camera, that is amazing. Being a photographer has all its ups and downs and I welcome you to this industry. If you are just now picking up a camera and learning about photography this course may be too advanced for you. This course wasn’t designed to teach you everything about cameras, lighting, photoshop, etc. I do cover camera settings, backgrounds, lighting, etc but I go more in depth with the process and business strategy to be successful.  

Anyone scared to roll up their sleeves and do some work.   

No, you don’t become a successful photographer or elite at ANYTHING without putting in the work. Welcome to life.  

Who are the photographers that teach this course?



Hey there, fellow photographer! 

We are Aaron & Doug, just a couple of good old boys from Texas. We both own successful photography businesses and teach people just like you how to turn your passion of photography into a profitable business you love.  

We absolutely love what we do as photographers, being able to capture a special moment in someone’s life, to cherish for years to come.  

With over 30 years combined experience in photography we both have a wealth of knowledge in the world of dance photography that we share at  

Our goal is to help you succeed!!


Will this course help me grow my photography business? 

YES, all the strategies and techniques we cover will help you grow your business as long as you put in the work. You can even use a lot of the principles we teach in other areas of your business but our main goal is to help you make money photographing dance studios and grow that service for your business.  

Will I need to purchase anything else once I get this course? 

It depends on your skill level and what equipment you already have. When it comes to learning, I’m a true believer in investing in yourself and knowledge. There may be courses or books you may want to invest in to increase your skill level.

We do offer a separate course on how to pose for dance pictures but is not necessary to achieve success. That course is massive and goes into great details on the technical aspect of posing dancers for pictures, for people who are wanting to learn that skill.  

When it comes to equipment, there is no way around it as a photographer, you will need to invest a little to make money from photographing dance studio portraits . We cover all the basic equipment even for people on a tight budget.

Can I find this information for free online? 

Not really!! 90% of the information you will find on photography is incredibly fragmented and incomplete, especially when it comes to the business of photography.  

Yes, you can start trying to hunt out this information on your own, but you will spend hundreds if not thousands of hours jumping down a rabbit hole. All the strategies and techniques that I use have been developed over many years of trial/error and testing.  

This is 100% the course we wish we had when we started out. It would have saved us so much time and money, it's painful to even think about.  

Is there a time limit to complete the course? How long do I have access? 

There is no time limit to go through the content in this course. It’s completely go-at-your-own-pace. Your access to the course doesn’t expire. The photography world is an ever to evolving and changing industry that you have to stay on top of to win. This is why you get lifetime access to this content, including video, templates, and any future updates to the course.  

What format is the content delivered in? 

Video! You will have video instruction, slides, and step by step walkthrough of every major topic. This is by far the best way to learn the material we provide, demonstrating exactly what we have done to have so much success

Is my credit card secure? 

Credit card security is extremely important to us. That’s why we’ve partnered with Strip to handle the billing and provide a secure socket layer, 128-bit encryption. Your credit card data is safer making an online purchase, through our secure sit, than it is using it to pay for gas at the pump. So feel comfortable knowing your transaction is 100% completely protected from fraud.  

Do you offer any refunds or guarantees? 

Doug and I both believe that if you follow what we lay out in the course, and take action... then it's really hard to fail.

If you work the system, the system can work for you.

However, some people just won't do what is required. They won't watch the videos. They won't reach out to potential clients. And they just want money to fall into their lap.

If you'r one of those people, this course probably isn't for you.

Now, if you are motivated and do want to be a successful photographer and earn extra income full time or on the side, photographing dance studio portraits.. but you're still not sure if this course is right for you, then you should know that you're protected by...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!


​Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for any reason at all, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and our helpful support staff will promptly issue a refund.


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