How I Made $125,359.36 
Photographing Dance Portraits (2 Months in 2019)

In my dance photography income report, I report my revenue and expenses as well as insights into the changes that I will be making with this site. 

This is what I will be covering in my dance photography income report (feel free to click and skip to what you would like to see)

Why I Publish Income Reports

Its a little weird publishing what I earn to all my friends, family, and loved ones, but thats the trade off I accept for the transparency that I provide to my audience.

I never publish to brag, only to show my readers just what is possible as a photographer with some hard work and determination.

I (Aaron) own a successful photography business. It is from the successes and failures that I have experienced over the years that I teach here at

I am teaching business strategies that work in a completely different niche (ie: Dance Photography), and I am hoping this will make it a little more applicable.

There are a lot of "experts" out there teaching how to be a portrait or wedding photographer.

While many of them are VERY successful (and good at what they do), it makes there strategies a little less relatable and harder to apply sometimes, if you're in a completely different niche.

I want to make note that I ONLY photograph dance studios 2 months out of the year. The rest of the year I travel for fun and run a commercial photography business. 

This is not an ALL year round kind of service, which is what I wanted, but if you're serious in photographing dance studios there are things you have to do throughout the year if wanting to grow.

I hope the transparency and honesty that I provide through my successes and failures will help you on your photography journey.

Start Photographing Dance Portraits

If you're interested in photographing dance studio portraits yourself, I have made an awesome FREE guide to dance studio portraits HERE.

I go over a proven 6 step process I take every year that has given me the results you see here on my income report. 

Show me the MONEY!

Here is a screen shot of my square account where I generated $125,359.36 in revenue from April 5th to June 10th (2019)

You will notice the spikes in sales at the beginning of April and a few in May / June. I'm not only just photographing dance studios in two months but only a few days each month.

This year I worked with 18 dance studios with revenue for each studio ranging from $3000 all the way up to $10,000+. 

Some of the smaller studios I would only be photographing for a few hours and with the larger studios being all day.

This also doesn't reflect all the additional revenue I make with dance studios (photographing recital action pictures, custom outdoor dance portraits) and all the residual business I get from photographing spring dance portraits.

The numbers above don't reflect business expenses. Some of the expenses I incur are the following.

  • Taxes
  • Photo Lab and Prints
  • Sales Staff
  • Travel Expenses (fuel, hotel, food)

Income RECAP Sense I Focused on Dance

The chart below contains the revenue since I started really focusing on growing my dance photography service. 

It took me awhile at the beginning to grow, but I was learning and fine tuning my process. 2017 was the year that everything came together and now have a consistent six figure revenue model. 

Upcoming Changes

Well I have a lot of ambition for 2020 in providing as much awesome content for my readers and followers. 

I just launched a new course, Dance Studio Portraits Master Class, where I teach the entire process I take when photographing dance studio portraits.

My mentor Doug and I will also be working on some courses on how to pose dancers for pictures along with a course on how to take outdoor custom dance portraits. 

But what really matters is what you want to learn and how I can help, so I'm going to focus on what my readers want to know and structure my content around that. 

If you have any questions about my dance photography income report or about photography in general, please feel free to leave in the comment section below!

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About the Author

Aaron creates content that encourages photographers to chase their passions and grow there business through dance photography. Aaron hopes to spread his story and be an inspiration to others who want to change their lives.