12 Easy Ballet Poses for Beginners

Posing little kiddos and beginner dancers can be both fun and easy if done correctly. Below are 12 great beginner poses for ballet.

The two key elements you should focus on are:

  • Arm position
  • Feet position

By just simply repositioning the arms and feet you can quickly and easily create new poses.

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1 – First Position

When I ask the dancer to get in first position I always tell them “to kiss the heals” or “pizza pie”. This helps them reference to put feet in a triangle position. For the arms I ask them to hold their ball. you want to make sure arms are rounded and elbows are not locked. You can either have them place arms in front or have them lower, closer to outfit.

2 – Hands-on Hip | Pointed Toe

This pose is an easy transition from first position. Just ask the dancer to point there toe (either direction). You want to make sure the toe is not sickled (scrunched up) and that it’s points toward floor.

3 – Cross Foot Pointed with One Arm Up and One On Hip

With this position, you would want the dancer to get in first position facing left or right. From there have them point the toe out, that is closer to camera. Then show or position one hand on hip then one arm up with a bent elbow and curved hand.

4 – Laying Down

This is always a favorite with parents. I always tell the child to lay down on their tummy and then cross ankles. You can either have lock their arms for support on the ground with, as seen in the image below, or you can have them put both hands under chin.

5 – Laying Down with One Arm – Support

This pose is down the same way as the last put instead of having both arms down having the child rest there head on one hand (fist)

6 – Head Rested on Stool

If you have a prop or stool you can use to get a nice close up of the dancer. Have them cross their arms and then rest head on arms.

7 – Praying / Sleeping Hands

This is another favorite for parents. Just have the dancer sit on there knees and ask them (or show) them praying hands. Then have them rest next to cheek with a smile. This also works well with them looking down or closing eyes

8 – Sitting With One Leg Over Holding

To start with the position ask the dancer to sit “criss cross apple sauce”. Then have them lift one leg up and hold with both hands.

9 – Tip Toe Peddle Stool

Again, if you are using a prop or stool this is a great pose to show the entire outfit, that is classic. Just have them stand next to stool, with hands placed on top, then ask them to stand as hi as they can on their toes.

10 – Crossed Pointed Toe Holding Dress

This pose is the same as above but with a simple modification by just having the dancer hold out their dress.

11 – First Position Feet One Arm Up and One Forward

Have the dancer in first position and then have them hold ball. Ask them to raise one arm and make sure elbows and hands are bent.

12 – Feet in First Position With Both Arms Up

You can tell in this picture that both heals are not completely together. This is not the proper feet position and wanted to show you the difference. The only variation is to have them bring both arms up (in a ball) over their head. You want to make sure there face is not covered by their arms.

For more poses, you can grab your FREE copy of the dance pose guide HERE

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