10 Reasons Why You Should Photograph Dance Studios

Ok, so you’re wondering why in the world should you photograph dance studios?
If you’re a photographer you might be telling yourself……

I just want to photograph cute babies, families, or weddings.


Dance photography may not be on your radar, but today I want to explain 10 reasons why you should photograph dance studios, TODAY

1- Challenges Yourself
2- Great Income
3- Loyalty
4- Multiple Opportunities
5- Capture Memories for People
6- High Margins
7- Promote Other Services
8- Low Barrier of Entry
9- Competition is Low
10- Build Your Skills and Confidence

I started out like most photographers, taking pictures of families, seniors, weddings, and events. 

Check out my story on how I went from your average photographer to making over $100,000 just photographing dance studios in the spring.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to the dance photography industry that I realized all the amazing opportunities available and once I started focusing on a niche, I started to see life-changing results.

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So let me take you down this path and explain 10 reasons why you should photograph dance studios.


Reason #1.
Photographing Dance Studios is a Challenge

Now your wondering how is this a benefit to photographing dance studios?


Looking back on my time over the years, there were good times and bad times.

No, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses.

However, it was an incredibly fun time challenging myself and pushing myself to do things I had never done that allowed me to grow as a person.

It takes a lot, including getting over fears of what people think of you, and it will challenge you to help more people.

The thrill is in the challenge of making all the pieces work together, and it is a rush when it does.


Reason #2.
You Can Make GREAT Money in a Short Amount of Time

I make a good amount of income within the span of 8 weeks in the spring, photographing portraits and recitals for dance studios.

And when I say 8 weeks, this is not working every day of those 8 weeks. Its just the season of the year that most dance studios want pictures

This is one of the main reasons that I LOVE photographing dance studios.


Not because of the money but because I can have a part of my business that is targeted during a brief time of the year.

Below is a screenshot of my earnings of $121,774.51 just from dance photography in in the spring.

No, it’s not “quit and buy a mansion” money, but it’s plenty impactful and life-changing for most people.

This is revenue that can go to….. 10-reasons-photograph-dance-studios-time

    • A certain lifestyle
    • Investing in equipment
    • Bills

I’m not saying you have to go all out and photograph 20 dance studios but if you just photographed one or a few, it can make a big difference in your business.

I can say, only 8 of the 20 dance studios I photograph make up 75% of my revenue.

Just think about the impact it would do for your business if you were to photograph just a few dance studios or even just ONE.


Reason #3.
Dance Studios are Loyal

Once you have built a relationship with the studio owner or director they will be crazy loyal.

Think about it, who wants to be jumping from photographer to photographer every year.

Once you’re in and are able to provide quality (customer service, images, and professionalism) a studio has no reason to look elsewhere.

Unlike photographing schools, sports leagues, or organizations where people and committee members change, dance studios are owned by 1 person who is the decision-maker.10-reasons-photograph-dance-studios-loyal

This means year after year you can expect to be the photographer for that dance studio.

Whatever your financial goal is, you can count on generating that revenue every year.

This helps your business with a consistent income and for budgeting

For me, in the beginning, I was making $25,000 with only 4 dance studios, I knew I can count on making every year.

This helped relieve any financial stress and anxiety of operating a business.


Reason #4.
Many Opportunities Available Throughout the Year

I will say spring portraits is the main service I offer dance studios because when spring recital rolls around and the kiddos have cute costumes, parents want someone to take professional pictures.

Throughout the year there are a variety of other services you can offer that can keep you busy, earn more revenue, and maximize your relationship with the dance studios.

Services included and are not limited to:

    • Mommy and Me dance portraits
    • Professional headshots for dance staff
    • Holiday performances (Action shots and portraits)
    • Spring recital action shots (on stage)
    • Custom portraits for seniors or advanced dancers
    • Competition action shots

You are not limited to what opportunities are out there but because you have the exposure, opportunities will present themselves when needed.


Reason #5.
You Get to Capture a Special Moment in Someone’s Life

This alone is very fulfilling. Time is fleeting and everyone grows up.


YOUR job is to document a moment, as a child is growing.

It’s very rewarding to hear someone say that you took their dance photos when they were a child and helped them remember a time in their life that they cherished.

You also will get parents awe over the cute poses and expressions you captured, which makes you feel good that you brought joy to someone.


Reason #6.
Higher Sales and Better Margins

Photographing spring dance studio portraits is not like photographing a sports league or school.

Yes, you are photographing a lot of kiddos in a short amount of time but…10-reasons-photograph-dance-studios-money

Because parents expect multiple poses and options along with each child usually having multiple outfits, you have more opportunities for higher sales and are able to charge more.

This leads to better margins, compared to other types of photography and services you offer, in relation to time and expenses.

Plus, what parent doesn’t want a cute picture of their child in a cute dance costume. It’s an easy sale!!!


Reason #7.
You Can Promote Other Services

Well, I can say this is a great bi-product.

Because of the exposure, you will have at the dance studio with all the families, you can market other services your business offers.


Different services people want:

    • Family Portraits
    • Holiday Mini Sessions (Halloween, Christmas, Easter)
    • Birthday parties and events
    • Newborns
    • Weddings
    • Senior Portraits
    • Engagements

The list is endless and it all depends on what you want to offer.

The hardest thing in business is getting business and you just helped yourself out with EXPOSURE to people, by working with a dance studio.

People want to do business with people they like and trust.


Reason #8.
Low Barrier of Entry and Cost

Unlike other types of photography, when you photograph a dance studio all you need is a few simple tools and equipment.


A few items such as:

    • Camera
    • Background
    • Lights

These items don’t have to be top dollar with all the bells and whistles.

I can photograph a dance studio using equipment that costs less than $500

Now, you’re asking: would quality suffer?

Short term, NO, long term YES. You do get what you pay for and would advise investing a little for the long hall, but my point is you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get the job done.


Reason #9.
Less Competition

Most photographers would never think of photographing dance studios.

Everyone is mesmerized by that cool and edgy picture they see on social media and want the status of being a portrait or wedding photographer.

Because of this, you don’t have many photographers approaching dance studios.

Photographers are focusing on the services most other photographers are focusing on.

Go where most people don’t go and you will find success

I also want to add that dance photography is not going away any time soon.

It has been around for years and will continue, even though parents have phones to take picture of their kids.


Reason #10.
You Will be a Better Photographer and More Confident

I always tell other photographers in order to get better you need to take a lot of pictures.confidence

The more people you take pictures of and the more pictures you take, the better you will fine-tune your skills.

Photographing dance studios puts you in front of a lot of people to photograph.

I remember when I first started, I was slow and not confident when taking pictures. NOW It’s natural to me.

People always tell me I make it look easy.

WELL, it’s now easy for me but it used to not be.


I hope this gives you a different perspective on photographing dance studios.

Photographing dance studio portraits has definitely changed my life and with a little work, you can also achieve the same results. 

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If you enjoyed this article or have other reasons why photographers should take pictures of dance studios, please leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!!

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