10 Easy Tap Poses for Beginners

When working with little kiddos you have to make sure to have fun with them.

Keep the posing simple and remember its all about repositioning the arms and legs to form a new pose.

Also not forget to start off your dancer in first position in order for them to gain balance and have a foundation before posing. This will make the pictures look better and you will naturally form the proper pose.

1 – Basic Position

This is one of the most basic poses you can use and is easy for any age. Use this as a base base for other poses. Have the child stand in first position and then place one foot out with toe pointed up and hands on hip. This is a tap pose so you want to be able to see the tap (medal part at the bottom of shoe)

2 – Standing, Leg Out Toe Up with Arms Diagonal

With the same feet positio you want to then have them exted there arms out straight. One up high and then the other low.

3- “I’m a Little Tea Pot”

As with the first pose the only modification is to have the child raise one arm and then flattten the hand. (It is critical that the palm is facing up and is flat). If the palm was facing down then this would be more of a jazz pose.

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4 – “Twist and Strike a Pose”

This is always a fun pose to use and parents LOVE it. Just have the child standd facing away from camera with feet spread apart. Theen have them twist there upper body with one hand on hip and the other placed behind head.

5 – “Criss Cross Apple Sauce”

If you have a child that is having a hard time posing this is the go to position to get a nice picture. Just tell the child to sit “Criss Cross Apple Sauce” with hands on lap. You can also modify by having them touch there toes while sitting.

6 – “Touch Your Toes”

From the “Criss Cross Apple Sauce” pose you can have them put their knees up and then reach over to grab there toes. The most important part with this pose is to make sure their back is straight. Kiddos have a tendancy to hunch their back over to grab shoes. They can still do with a straight back

7 – “Smile and Give me Sass”

By this point you probably have realized the basic feet position with one leg out and toe pointed. With this modification you would have th child place one hand on hip and th other extend out straight with palm down hand flat. I call this the smile and give me sass pose.

8 – “Ta Da”

Once the child is in first position have them put once foot back with toe touching the ground. Then have them put their arms up and say “Ta Da” making sure hands are flat. If you can get the child to cross the back foot behind the other the pose will look a lot better. Sometimes its hard for some so stick with this pose to fit the majority.

9 – “Cheerleader Pose”

If you remember in high school, watching all the chearleaders on the football field posing like this in group photos. This is a great pose if you are working with a costume that is fluffy. Whe the kiddo bends there knees and leans over the back of the costume will “poof” up. Remember to make sure their feet are together.

10 – “lay on Your Belly”

This is a must pose that is super easy. Just tell the kiddo to “lay on your belly” and then cross your ankles. You can either have them face you directly or angled a little. The last step is to have them either place one hand under chin or both. I find it easier to have themm make a fist with their hands instead of having them flat.

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